Life Goals

Home. I want a large piece of property where the turn of each season is distinct. Flowers and wild growth in Spring. Peaceful blankets of snow cover in Winter. Lush grass in Summer. Burnt hues of orange, yellow, and red among the trees in Autumn. I need to live in a place where the landscape is as much a part of feeling at home as the building I sleep in is. I want an sizeable buffer from people, at least 10 acres. Just treacherous enough to justify owning a rugged vehicle.

I want to be surrounded by growing things as a constant reminder that life is a transient process. I want a large, wild garden and a small orchard. I want to own specialized, industrial equipment for cutting all the grass. I want there the be plenty of opportunity for regular manual labor; small-scale farming for food and a nice garden to maintain. Regularly chopping firewood, mowing the grass, maintaining fences. I want to live in a space with a view, like near a stream, body of water, or on a mountain top.

I want to build my own home. I want to walk through the halls of my house with the confidence that I put everything together and should anything break or my my needs change I can take it apart and start over again. I want my house to be clean and organized, but to feel cozy and lived-in as well. It should be flooded with natural light and large, unbroken windows that let the outside in. I want to sit in my favorite chair, sip a homemade beer, and watch a thunderstorm.

I want my home to be high-tech but unobtrusive. No cable TV. No distractions. No annoyances. I want the technology in my home to be thoughtful and intentional. I do not want a hundred different accounts to a hundred different services. I want one remote / website / app that I made myself. I want my house to be very environmentally friendly, running entirely on renewable energy. I want to invest in solar and battery technology or maybe even hydro-electric. Personally I don’t see indoor plumbing as a high priority when I can piss outside and shit into the compost.

I want to entertain groups of friends. I want to sire a large family to play board games with, read stories to, and share my curiosity for learning with. I want my own library. It will be large enough to warrant a ladder on rails and accommodate several large comfy chairs of worn leather.

Logan Frederick - Jan 2019