2020-07-27 21:36

wisecrack the COVID19 safety illusion accelerationism and dwight shrute necrocapitalism and snowpiercer bill gates and perils of philanthropy late night comedy and political power of satire

Death and Immortality: The good place v Bojack Horseman Death - Todd May Immortals - Borges :unread:

the internet was a mistake

Thesis: the internet is not necessarily the win for freedom and democracy that we thought it was.

How does this reconcile with books/Bowling_Alone_-_Robert_Putnam?

philosophy of the incredibles

Thesis: Ayn Rand objectivism or the moral responsibilty of power

randian objectivism

  1. objective reality is knowable with reason
  2. moral aim of human life is personal happiness
  3. man’s being is heroic in nature
  4. free market deregulated capitalism is the socioeconomic system best for it

AKA titans of industry make society better.

These films do not flatter objectivisms, but challenge it.

  1. insurance guy has financial power and is an ass, not a hero
  2. buddy wants power, and almost kills
  3. power is only moral when wielded selflessly

“while a revolutionary age is an age of action; the present age is an age of advertisement and publicity: nothing happens, but there is instantly publicity about it” - soren kierkegard

we’re getting to be really similar to the “the internet was a mistake” video

Media distorts our relationship with power.

Aristotle: “justice is completed virtue”