own quotes

2020-07-28 21:38

Self-discipline is not the greatest of all virtues, but it is the virtue of greatness.

Super oxymoron. An oxymoron that loses meaning in the contradiction. Short-sleeved dress shirts. Decaf coffee. Maybe just a moron. There’s a good bit in here.

Life is like getting handed a salad you didn’t order. There’s a pretty good chance there will be cherry tomatoes in there, so you can either wallow in your dispair or accept the unsavory flavors and learn to appreciate the contrasting textures.

Two mantras that will change your life and relationships: 1. It’s okay we’ll get there eventually and when we do we’re gonna have a good time. 2. You know what? I’ll enjoy that more tomorrow.

Language reframes your thoughts Meditation reframes your mental reflexes Zettelksten reframes your relationship with content consumption

We should always be skeptical of the answers we give that demonstrate a point of view that disproportionately benefits ourselves. Likewise, we must also be skeptical of consistently naming the biggest group (e.g. corporation, institution) as the sole guilty party in any problem. In our own imaginations groups have no complexity. They are always static, a constant force. However most people can see it in their hearts to question villifying a complex individual. Cheap shots at large groups is often pointless “other”-ing.

A todo list is kinda a license to boss your future self around. Framed that way, procrastination is selfish. Do it now, do it today, do it soon, but don’t just assume future you will be any more excited to have it pushed onto him or her.

I think the mandela effect is getting worse with the advent of artificial intelligent algorithms. I can not know about something, watch one video about that thing, and then be continually reminded of it for some time due to an algorithmic feedback loop.

You can’t actually expect the American people to save their own money for own social safety net. Most Americans have misplaced wants and needs resulting from a lifetime of bombardment with advertising trumpeting a culture of envy, consumerism, and dependency. As a result the cost of living has become the cost of living “well”– whatever that means– and wages have not kept up with these rising standards. Although it’s anyones guess whether standards have risen proportionately with the decreasing cost of modern conveniences, and whether or not its in agreement with inflation (however defined). So I suppose you could ask the question: if you control for inflation (defined as this) can the same average income afford the same average set of possessions? We also have the innovator’s dilemma to contend with– we can only innnovate costs so low before we must expand the market vertically.

meditation is like reading a menu before eating

carry a sharpee while running– you never know when inspiration will strike suffering and art

The one thing that really hurts your gains is failing to ask “who is it that you are lifting for?” Many men and women lift to look good naked, sure, but is it out of a desire to better themselves or, more directly, that they wish to attract a new partner? The question is a revealing one as it leads to discussions of identity and how we shape it. If you never ask the question, you end up in a trap of your own making– the way we judge ourselves is the way we judge others. truth bombs