productivity on a notecard

2020-08-01 21:42

No date. Presumably college circa 2018.

  1. Remove existential legacy threats.
    • keep a journal (private)
    • keep a blog (public)
    • tell the people you care about how you feel regularly. stockpile some letters to specific people in case you unexpectedly die
    • maintain a will. don’t forget passwords, important files to mention, etc
  2. Say “no” to everything you can
    • focus on a limited set of priorities
    • remove temptations entirely so they are not a drain on willpower
  3. Automate workflows with good habits
    • increase volume with increased efficiency, not increased effort
  4. Repeatedly write down all open loops
    • separate “action” from “decision” and process in batches
    • stress comes from vague unpreparedness. find a system you can trust and it can carry most of the weight of your life