why all teaching is ineffective

2020-08-02 21:33

Why all teaching is ineffective (and hamburgers)

A lot of teachers (and human beings in general) have bad teaching ideas.

The hamburger myth

we are told an essay should be like a hamburger. Lighter points are in the start, the meat is in the middle, and you round it off with a conclusion.

In the real world you have to put all your meat up front. Not just a hook, you need to really deliver the substace first to get attention first.

Academic teaching recomendations reinforced with YouTube analytics:

Teach non-heirarchically, where each lesson is independent. Plug your other introductory resources, but gloss over them so they get to the pay off. Lectures should be self-contained.

Rambling is important, but do it at the end. Humans do not injest heirarchically structured outlines. People think in terms of dialogues– they get bored with artificially structured linear thought. Rambling, when done by experts, is beneficial because it conveys your (the expert) internal thought process. Sometimes the best thing you can do for the eager students (the real one you are teaching for) is to tangentially reference other intersting things.

Abstain from trying to rationally organize everything you do. Talk to people like humans, not robots.