2020-08-02 21:44

Why is latin worth learning

“Latin has been one of the best investments of my life”

Medieval people didn’t learn latin as a language per-se, they learned it as a grammar subject. Latin wasn’t necessarily viewed as a grand daddy language, but as a theorhetically pure language well suited for understanding the deeper concepts of romance languages.

Distilled grammar + undergrad degree in linguistics. Good intuition for learning languages and guaging them. It’s a gateway drug to other languages.

There are benefits of learning a language that we’ve perfected teaching over thousands of years.

What is written in latin? The classics. But you can also read later stuff that was also written in language.

You realize that ancient peoples really knew what was up. Economist Joseph Schumpeter et al. Dark age was a meme! Read the scholastics.

Get a book that was written at least 50 years ago. Cheap and have the format that worked for centuries.

Collar and Daniels Latin

Hans Orbers The Latin Languages Taught Through Itself Graduated latin from kinda recognizeable to obscure latin.