rocket years

2020-08-03 06:58

NPR special:

purposeful exploration

You need to spend your 20s making mistakes, exploring who you are, developing more self-knowledge. Acknowledge that cementing your future self is a main goal of the 20s, but also figure out that another equally important main goal of the 20s is to have fun and explore. There’s really no such thing as the wrong path.


95% of older gen Zs and millenials think that finding a career is their most important objective of the 20s, even over finding a life partner or starting a family. It actually takes 10-15 years to find a job that agrees with your values. Average american will have 12 jobs in the 18-50 range with half of those in their 20s.

Millenials don’t take time off and are so passionate about their work that they will take a pay cut / benefits. Keep in mind that those jobs are not, by definition, dream jobs. Take vacations! Find a whollistic dream job, but be patient.


Circle of friends peaks at 25, and most people lose a third of their friends between mid twenties to mid thirties. Less time, more family obligations. This can be scary when thinking about the health risks of being lonely. You can combat this by (1) being aware of that drop off, (2) be intentional about the people that you want to continue to hang out with, and (3) make new friends.

steps of friendship

  1. physical proximity
  2. repeated and unplanned interactions
  3. maintain an emotional bond


Hobbies are actually very important to your mental health because it gives you an outlet that absorbs stress. Some doctors actually make use of hobbies as an intervention. It is important to create new habits in your 20s while it is easier. It also introduces you to other like-minded people.


People who are politically active in their 20s actually remain politically active for the remainder of their lives. People that aspire to be civically engaged but don’t actually participate find it much harder.