Sex and Relationships

2020-08-03 18:08

wisdom from the elders in my life

“marry somebody that, when you are around them, you begin to like yourself more” - wisdom from elders in my family

“marry somebody that turns you on” - wisdom from sweet old lady at church, on the subject of relationships

wisecrack gone girl episode: marriage is awful

Relationships founded on pretending to be somebody you’re not are destined to crash and burn when the relationship outlives your stamina for acting.

This is the harsh reality knocking at the door of every romantic comedy final scene. Guy meets girl. Guy pretends to be something other than what he really is. Girl finds out. Guy redeems himself with a grand gesture.

Also, every marriage, to some extent, involves performance. Performance for in-laws, performance for children, performance for neighbors.


This is an interesting thought because it relates to the above quotes.