2020-11-24 22:44

linkedin conversation with UNC alumn asking about scrum testing

What I like about software testing is:

  1. fast pace / always learning something new
  2. sharpens your philosophical reasoning skills

conversation with duncan today

I had a conversation with Duncan today.

We often talk about software testing from a higher-level perspective. These are a few thoughts I wanted to record before I forgot.

  1. software testing is hard to train– you need:
  2. product knowledge that generally comes with time
  3. social capital (esp. at FMIS which is very compartmentalized)
  4. people skills– specifically ability to see from others perspectives to establish consensus

I like that it continually forces you to learn new things, check your biases (philosophical reasoning), and develop technical skills (scientific testing).

I like that requires high-level strategy “painting with process” :dad: